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Acquisition & Divestment

For organisations looking to acquire assets we provide support before, during and after an acquisition, using our experience and expertise to integrate across all disciplines. For clients looking to divest we work with them to maximise the value of their assets in the current marketplace. We undertake different scales of work – from a ‘shallow-dive’ or fast-track review, to a ‘deep-dive’ review looking at all aspects of the asset – tailoring this to the client’s objectives and timescales.

In simple terms we:

? Ensure the client’s acquisition or divestment opportunity passes the red flag test

? Look for improvement opportunities to deliver value for the client

? Avoid conservatism – we provide our client with what they need to make an informed decision

Every project we undertake will have a core team of ex-oil company personnel; they understand how oil companies work and think, and what is needed to make key investment decisions. Underpinning this expertise is our proven process for providing clients with the confidence they need to make an informed decision.

  • Responsiveness and speed of mobility – we appreciate the need to be responsive and efficient as time available is often limited; we can have a team mobilised within a day and a report delivered within two weeks
  • Our track record – we have carried out due diligence on over 3,500 wells, 200 developments and 150 installations; these have covered assets across six continents and 30 countries
  • Experience and expertise – we have the deep commercial and technical understanding required to deliver robust and relevant reviews and reports; regardless of the type of assets involved or the geographical area, we have people with direct, relevant expertise
  • Assurance and confidence – we have an extensive track record of providing our clients with the a robust and rapid assessment, giving them the assurance and confidence they need to make the right decision
  • Access to worldwide benchmarking and analogue information - this comprises our own, in-house datasets that have been developed over a number of years; and worldwide company market intelligence

Our A&D Process
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Credibility and confidence

We take an independent view, while putting ourselves in the clients’ position to deliver the best possible service. We do not focus on selling our services to the client for the next phase.

Experience of an ex oil company team

Our people have worked extensively in the field; they understand the industry, different geographies, assets and how things work.

Conceptual challenge

We integrate all the different disciplines to take a holistic view of an acquisition or divestment opportunity. This gives us a complete picture of the asset and ensures we can challenge the traditional view.

Quantify the risks

Our experience means that we can identify and understand the risks associated with an acquisition, and advise our client appropriately. We will make the client aware of those ‘red flags’ in detail as early as possible.

Identify upsides and opportunities

We look for the upsides as well as the downsides – we identify ‘green flags’ and things that will benefit the client, not only the risks.

Responsive and rapid turnaround

We are incredibly responsive and always ensure we can support clients in a timely fashion. We recognise that in many cases the support our client need from us is time sensitive and we have the teams in place that can respond quickly at any time.

Direct presentation to investors

We have strong experience of presenting feedback straight to investors – and answering the questions that come with this. We are comfortable doing this whenever our client requires it.

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