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Accelerated Conceptual Engineering

Conceptual engineering is not something that the oil and gas industry traditionally does well. The traditional ‘waterfall approach’ where tasks are undertaken sequentially does not allow for iteration and is not easily adapted.

The industry also sees different disciplines working in silos, with poor interaction and integration with each other. This leads to an elongated conceptual engineering phase resulting in moving into subsequent design phases with conceptual engineering incomplete leading to cost and schedule overruns.

We understand the challenges this brings; our ACE process provides a solution. We work with clients to understand their drivers and test concepts against those in a comprehensive manner against client objectives.

Accelerated conceptual engineering (ACE) is our process for quick, cost effective technical and economic evaluation to assist with upstream development decision making. The key to ACE is experienced people working to an integrated process with world class tools. Our project and discipline engineers have operator knowledge and experience covering a wide range of global projects.

The process delivers robust outcomes quickly, saving many hours or weeks compared with traditional methods. Data is presented in a clear and concise manner, supporting decisions to move to the next stage, recycle, cancel, defer or sell.

The facilities definition and cost estimates are delivered as part of the process are engineering-based. This means that our clients move through the stage approval gates with fewer decisions outstanding and increased confidence in comparison to traditional assumption-based cost estimates.

Our ACE Process
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  • We save clients money – we helped a client achieve $500m realised savings on one project
  • We save clients time – and can deliver much more in a given timeframe –we delivered over 30 concepts in three months for a client
  • We give clients confidence – we reduce uncertainty before moving into the next phase, meaning you move into detailed engineering phases with as few unanswered questions as possible
  • We deliver innovative solutions – we find different ways to develop fields, new ways to unlock value and make marginal fields viable
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