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Marginal Asset Collaboration

MAC is an ADIL methodology to align licence operators in a geographic area to collaboratively maximise value for all the participants in that area.

MAC focuses on the challenges that asset owners may face when trying to bring their assets on stream or maximise returns from mature assets. By providing a safe and secure method for aligning different companies’ priorities it optimises value for all owners in an area.

Access to infrastructure

Access to appropriate infrastructure remains a key issue:

  • where suitable infrastructure is not available, individual fields tend not to be big enough to support their own infrastructure
  • as there are areas where no infrastructure exists
  • where infrastructure is in place it is still not easy to develop a viable economic case


The traditional view of one operator owning a number of assets within an area may no longer true. The current view is of ownership being much more spread out amongst a number of different companies. This leads to challenges in aligning the objectives and drivers of each individual company.

Misalignment of priorities

An example would see Company A as infrastructure owners and Company B desiring a process and transportation service for a new field. It is very difficult to have alignment of Company A and B, through no fault of either company. Each have their own objectives and drives that are, understandably, their priority. However, this lack of alignment means that remaining reserves cannot be produced.

Our MAC Process
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The MAC methodology that ADIL implement will optimise value for all the owners in an area. The methodology is built on simplicity, promoted alignment and common interest. It combines technical and commercial expertise with innovative thinking to deliver a solution that maximises value for all parties.

A simple and secure methodology to maximise owners’ value:

  • Risk free sharing of confidential data
  • Unfettered assessment of data and information
  • Addresses technical and commercial aspects
  • Delivers an optimised, costed, off-take solution
  • A fair, transparent and equitable commercial framework
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