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Production Operations Excellence

We provide services to clients, ranging in scope from building an entire operating organisation to smaller, bespoke packages of support. Our experience sets us apart – all our people who work with clients have extensive experience working in the field managing operating assets.

We recognise that there is no ‘silver bullet’ when looking to improve the performance of an asset. We instead appreciate that performance is improved through marginal gains, where each action taken will help to improve asset performance. We work with a client to identify and agree the actions that are right for them.

We work with clients to understand the issue; we don’t prescribe a solution before we fully understand this. We provide pragmatic solutions that are tailored to each individual client’s requirements.

We then work with the client to resolve the issue and deliver and implement change – we believe it’s important that the client has ownership of the solution so that it can effectively be taken forward when we leave.

Our POE Process
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Our experience sets us apart – we have extensive experience of working in the field, we understand the environment, the mindset and good operating practices.

Our experience of working in the field means we understand client challenges, and the importance of effectively managing cost efficiency, recovery, production efficiency and decommissioning liabilities.

We provide an independent view to clients and focus on people – changing their mindset and improving the way things are done.

We will work the operating model. We focus on:

  • Processes - How it works
  • Structure - What it looks like
  • Delivery - How is it executed

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