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ADIL’s client was approached to assist in bringing onshore and offshore assets in Angola back into production.

The offshore assets had been shut down by a previous operator who felt that they were not economically viable. In shutting down these assets the previous operator had also as a consequence shut down production from an onshore field which flowed directly to the offshore assets.

The operator of the onshore field approached the Angolan government with a view to restarting production from the onshore assets and taking on operatorship of the offshore assets.

However, they had no offshore operational staff and did not have the CAPEX and OPEX required to bring the assets back into production. They sought the support of ADIL’s client to achieve this.

The client requested that ADIL’s experienced operations personnel undertake operations assurance and due diligence on the assets and their client’s potential investment in them.

ADIL firstly worked with their client to understand the challenges of the assets, the risks associated with the assets and the actions that would be required to manage these risks to an acceptable level.

ADIL then undertook operations assurance and detailed due diligence utilising their in-house processes for this. This approach assessed the following:

  • Does the proposed operator have the capability to operate these assets?
  • What actions would be necessary to ensure that the proposed operator does have this capability?
  • What was the condition of the assets and what work is required to bring them back into production?

A fast paced review of engineering associated with the assets was also undertaken.

ADIL provided their client with a detailed assessment of what is required to reinstate and run these assets at an economically viable level. They also delivered an organisational model, competence matrices, operating and reactivation costs and development options for the scenarios that the client’s subsurface team have identified.

ADIL had the processes, experience and expertise to deliver this work for the client. They were able to provide a very accurate and detailed assessment of the assets to guide their client’s decision making.

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