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As the client’s asset enters its late life phase a team was put together tasked with investigating, assessing and selecting various options aimed at reducing and containing operating costs with the goal of extending the life of field operation beyond the anticipated COP 2024.

The asset had reached a point where cost reduction was necessary in order to return to profitability and encourage new investment.

The asset had a sizeable organisation (both offshore and onshore), ageing equipment, including some that was becoming obsolete, and production efficiency challenges.

The challenges for the client were to:

  • Bring OPEX back to a level that made the asset economically viable and suitable for future investment
  • Explore options for extending field life and delaying decommissioning for the asset
  • Build a ‘best in class’ asset; develop what this looked like and what would be required to deliver this

ADIL utilised elements of their Life Extension and Decommissioning (LED) service offering to support the client with their asset.

ADIL independently reviewed and challenged the existing processes and practices used for management of the asset, providing insight back to the client throughout.

The specific aspects that the ADIL approach focused on included:

  • Reviewed the asset’s historical maintenance demand and identified areas of efficiency in planning and execution; recommendations on focus areas to deliver ‘right maintenance’
  • Onshore/offshore organisational review; developed task map plan that ensures organisation is fit for purpose to deliver the asset’s business case
  • Provided independent insight to senior leadership to operation of low margin/lean assets; providing benchmarking data of peers, understanding what similar assets are doing
  • Identified focus areas to change behaviours and develop lean asset thinking; developed KPIs that improve ownership, performance and drive cost control

ADIL’s independent assessment of the asset identified several areas for real improvement that, if delivered, will achieve the asset’s late life business case.

ADIL provided insight into all aspects of the client’s field and developed a framework that set out how the asset should be operated. This detailed how OPEX can be improved to make the asset economically viable, how the culture within the asset team can be improved and how the life of the asset can be extended.

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