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The client had an asset in the UKCS which had recently been successfully appraised.

The client held discussions with ADIL on how they could help evaluate potential area developments for the asset. The client was also keen to demonstrate to the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) that they were considering options for a regional field development in the area of their asset.

ADIL utilised their Marginal Asset Collaboration (MAC) service offering to support the client. MAC is an ADIL methodology to align licence operators in a geographic area to collaboratively maximise value for all the participants in that area.

MAC focuses on the challenges that asset owners may face when trying to bring their assets on stream or maximise returns from mature assets. By providing a safe and secure method for aligning different companies’ priorities it optimises value for all owners in an area. ADIL’s approach had the following phases:

  1. On-boarding – ADIL acted as the ‘honest broker’ to firstly contact and secondly obtain information from other Operators in the area; ADIL would manage the confidentiality issues and undertake a coarse screening to establish technical/economic viability
  2. Evaluation – undertaking feasibility engineering to firm up commercial development concepts
  3. Concept selection – selecting the highest value option in a fair and transparent way for all users

Phase 1 was funded by the client alone, with the proposal that further phases would be funded from a group of participants.

The main outputs were to be:

  • A teaser pack to be used to engage with nearby Operators
  • Confidentiality arrangements for each of the participants
  • Statement of Requirements for the participants
  • Weekly updates and a final presentation

ADIL was able to attract the interest of nearby Operators who subsequently shared info under a confidentiality agreement. Through employing ADIL, the client was also able to demonstrate to OGA that they were exploring a regional area solution for their asset.

Specific deliverables included:

  • ADIL completed most of Phase 1 - Operators were contacted, the majority provided information under a confidentiality agreement and a final report/presentation was issued
  • ADIL successfully developed a way of sharing anonymised data with all participants
  • ADIL presented their findings to OGA
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