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ADIL’s client owns a prospect north-west offshore of Rabat, Morocco. The water depth in the prospect ranges from 800m to 1,400m.

As this is a deep water development it presents certain risks which need to be mitigated through a detailed development scheme and proven technical solutions.

ADIL was asked by the client to prepare a development scheme which would enable them to develop the prospect on time and within budget, while minimising risk, therefore making it appealing to potential investors.

There were time and budget restrictions for the study, which meant that a traditional conceptual study methodology would not have been suitable.

ADIL’s approach was to utilise their people who had extensive offshore, deep water experience and combine this with their ACE service offering. ACE is a process for quick, cost effective technical and economic evaluation to assist in upstream development decision making. It is an integrated engineering process, managed by experienced project and discipline engineers, with selected utilisation of specialised software tools

ADIL defined the field layout using their ACE: Wells process to optimise subsea drill centres and flowlines/risers lengths, while at the same time maintaining wells within the set drilling and completion parameters.

The optimised field layout would finally include for the floating production system location as well as gas and water re-injection systems.

The subsea systems, topsides and FPSO options were analysed through the ACE: Facilities process, allowing for a quick quantification and technical definition.

ADIL’s specific expertise of FPSO design enabled them to advise that the client should reduce peak production profiles to maintain a standard FPSO topside design, saving time and money.

ADIL’s experience, expertise and use of their ACE process ensured that they were able to complete the study and propose development options in a short timeframe. A conventional approach would have required a longer execution time to achieve a standard technical definition and would have resulted in higher costs for the study itself, meaning ADIL saved time and money for the client.

ADIL’s specific knowledge of FPSO design helped the client to adjust its production profiles to suit a suitably sized topsides design.

The output delivered by ADIL was used by the client to successfully farm out a stake in the development.

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