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Southern North Sea, 49/17

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Victoria gas field lies in block 49/17 of the Southern North Sea, approximately 75km north east of the nearest landfall at Bacton gas terminal.

Bridge Energy developed the tight gas reservoir by means of a single subsea well and pipeline/umbilical tie back to an existing host platform, the ConocoPhillips operated Viking BD.

ADIL provided field development management support for this fast track single well development, incorporating the overall development project management services and interface management including drilling and wells, subsea, facilities and operations.

Working closely with Bridge Energy and the host operator ConocoPhillips, ADIL was the overall field development manager and steered the project through the select, define and execute stages of the project life cycle.

  • ADIL worked closely with the client to ensure commercial alignment and optimisation of topside modifications, working effectively to complete scoping and FEED studies for all three areas of work by Q3 of 2007
  • The development design solution involved three novel aspects; firstly seabed tie in to avoid brownfield mods, secondly installing low cost tie in arrangements to allow further development in the area and thirdly performance of fraccing from the drilling rig
  • Critical to the success of the project was the rigorous risk management and contingency planning which ADIL implemented
  • ADIL’s innovative approach allowed the project to be successfully delivered and the field continues to be a producing asset for Bridge Energy
  • Victoria was a fast track design and involved procurement of all subsea and topside equipment
  • It comprised a single gas well tied back to the ConocoPhillips Viking BD platform by a 3.8km x 6” pipeline and controls umbilical
  • Provision of overall field development and interface management including drilling and wells, subsea, facilities and operations
  • Overall field development manager and supervisor of the project through the concept, definition and execute stages of the project life cycle
  • The project was delivered on schedule and in line with the budget, it commenced in Q2 2007 and the first gas was delivered in October of 2008
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